Outpatient Procedure
Clinic Flow

Make an appointment through telephone or in-person at the medical centre. 

Arrive on time at the medical centre for registration and preliminary consultation assessment.

If you feel feverish, unwell or need any assistance, please notify our staff.

Wait to be called by the queueing system on the screen at the lobby hall.

Follow the instruction on the display screen and head towards the consultation or treatment room for diagnosis and treatment. 

After which two identical sets of prescription will be issued. 

Hand in the prescription and settle the payment (applicable to Chinese medicine only) at the reception desk.

If Chinese medicine has been prescribed, please submit the prescriptions to the Chinese Medicine Dispensary. 

The waiting time usually takes 15 to 30 minutes, however, the exact time depends on the amount of medicine and number of doses.

Wait at the lobby hall while the Chinese medicine is dispensing. When the medicine is ready, please bring along the receipt for collection. 
If choosing Chinese medicine decoction service, please pick up the medicine at the designated time