Welcome to Integrative Medicine Clinical Evidence Portal!
Strengthening the knowledge base for Integrative Medicine is one of the key directions of the World Health Organization’s Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023. While randomized controlled trials and systematic reviews are considered as best available evidence for supporting the use of various Integrative Medicine approaches, they have not been the optimal source for informing decision making due to complexity involved in delineating clinically useful information from full length reports. 

The Integrative Medicine Clinical Evidence Portal addresses the gap between evidence and action, with an aim to disseminate best available evidence on various Integrative Medicine approach in a user-friendly format. It is comprised of critically appraised synopses of randomized trials and systematic reviews on Integrative Medicine, as well as online training materials on evidence-based healthcare principles and clinical research methodology.  We hope this joint effort between Cochrane Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine and School of Chinese Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong will serve to inform the development of Integrative Medicine services in an evidence based manner.
Clinical Evidence on Integrative Medicine